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Every Artist a Startup



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Tarah’s brand of Alt R&B incorporates neo soul, rap bridges, and layered, ethereal harmonies. She blends a host of influences across generations, from Sade to Erykah Badu to Beyoncé. According to her mom, Tarah sang songs before she could talk – so, very early on, she started taking both piano and voice lessons. By the time she was eight, Tarah was composing her own songs. Later on, she attended music camps and underwent a rigorous training in songwriting, producing, as well as stage performance. After spending a few years in the underground punk scene, Tarah decided to focus all her efforts on a solo career, and started writing her own music.

Alt R&B, Soul



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Jayce’s music is an original synthesis between a sad boi ethos expressed in heart wrenching vocals overlaying cinematic musical arrangements, all filtered through a non-binary gender identity (they/them). Jayce got their start singing in school musicals, when they attracted the attention of a music teacher who guided their formal vocal training. Upon emerging unscathed from a teenage identity crisis, Jayce embarked on a journey of self-discovery that took them across four continents and led them to a newfound love for foreign cultures, to the point of becoming fluent in Mandarin. Currently in LA, Jayce’s main focus is completing their first album, experimenting with unique sound designs and lyrical landscapes advocating on behalf of all those who feel unwanted and unheard.

Alt-Pop, Synth-Pop

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Born in Los Angeles and raised in Hong Kong and Malaysia, Sofia’s musical roots run deep. Her journey began with piano lessons, then transitioned into writing her own music, weaving her life’s journey as a teenager into heart-wrenching melodies. Eventually she made her musical home inside the confines of the Indie-Pop genre. Within its harmonies and rhythms, she discovered a space where her writing and vocals could flourish, radiating with authenticity and passion. Every chord and lyric reflects her own experiences as a young woman navigating life’s twists and turns, capturing the raw emotions of love, loss, and everything in between.




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B'Noir is a LA-based rapper, singer/songwriter of Black and Korean descent. After losing his father early on, B'Noir's teenage years were marked by a sense of alienation and bouts of depression. He enlisted in the US Navy and was deployed to Okinawa where his passion for rap deepened. After releasing his first mixtape on SoundCloud, he performed shows across the island. Upon leaving the Navy, he moved to LA, where he recorded a full album that blends multiple genres in an idiosyncratic manner. By mixing the screamo accents of punk with the rage-filled rap delivery reminiscent of Fort Minor and MG-Kelly, B'Noir creates bizarre mashups of lyrical intrigue and raw emotion.

R&B, Hip-Hop

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With hard-hitting, salacious lyrics, Dani VeXXX mixes her East Coast roots with a West Coast vibe. A New England native born to two immigrant Jamaicans, Dani was raised between Queens and the Pocono mountains. While her boisterous lyrics might make you think otherwise, she consistently felt displaced, on a quest for a creative home where she could... finally fit in. A backstage audition for dance turned into choreography, then turned into songwriting, and she finally found her passion, and most importantly – her voice. We all love and hate things about ourselves, but Dani takes the things she loves and hates about herself and turns them into art that could make you laugh and cry and definitely blush. Listening to her lyrics should come with a disclaimer – Not For The Weak of Heart.

Pop Rap, Hip Hop



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Jacob Bathery (AKA Subteratta) is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and EDM producer. His music fuses into one cohesive sound the power of electronic drops, bass, and percussion with the raw sound of live instruments. The end result are symphonic mash-ups layered with lyrics exploring themes of self-discovery and personal transformation. Jacob has been passionate about music ever since he started playing guitar at the age of twelve. He has taught himself piano, drums, bass, production, and mixing. With a degree in physics, Jacob uses his knowledge of sound waves, signal processing, and psychoacoustics to inform his creative process, and tell personal stories of recovery from the grips of addiction.

Alt Rock, EDM

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