Every Artist a Startup


Klef$ Music Ventures is an artist management group and royalties-based investment fund, founded during the early days of the COVID 19 pandemic, by a group of Hollywood-based music enthusiasts, recording artists, and data nerds.

With a roster well-diversified across  all mainstream music genres (hip-hop, pop, rock, and RnB), representing all genders and ethnicities, we focus on building our artists' cohesive brand identities around their unique sounds, visual styles, and personal stories.


Klef$ maximizes the creative and financial potential of our artists' repertoire by providing access to private equity for financing the production and promotion of their catalogues primarily in niche markets, using data-driven algorithms and time-tested audience-aquisition strategies. 

Financing wise, Klef$ is positioned like a mini-VC fund.  We curate investments diversified  across various groups of artists in a benchmark-driven series of funding. We then collect a share of the royalties derived from the commercial exploitation of their music, according to various types of equity pools.


Data collected over the past decade unequivocally shows that “blowing up” an artist on the global scale is impossible without the support of a record label. The goal for our artists is to enter joint ventures for distribution with record labels capable of massive brand-lifts in the music ecosystem. 

KMV is open to entering any type of strategic partnerships with other like-minded business and creative entities in the areas of production, publishing, and distribution, as well the thriving influencers-arena in order to maximize the financial return on our artists' catalogues.


At KMV we strongly believe that the concerted efforts of such strategic partnerships, driven by accurate, up to date data analysis, will ensure the financial windfall desired by all interested parties: the artists, the management, the private investors, and the record labels alike.